Why Making Time for Yourself Is a Must

With lots of assignments to complete, you may feel like you can’t have any rest until you finish them all. You may even want to stay up all night to finish a paper. However, doing that may actually be harmful to your grades!

When you spend too much time working on the same task, your concentration and productivity levels inevitably decline. The human brain easily gets bored with routine – and disengages. To refresh it, stand up from your desk and take a brief walk around every 45 minutes.

Similarly, there will be a point when you just can’t take in any more information from texts, even if you keep reading. Don’t feel guilty for stopping and taking the rest of the evening to relax: go out with friends, or just watch your favourite movie while eating pizza – you will actually be dong yourself a favour. The next day you should be able to concentrate better and get more done.

Finally, the productivity of your brain depends on how well it is supplied with oxygen. When you spend much time indoors and have little sleep, the brain receives less oxygen. As a result, you score lower despite perhaps putting more time and effort into studying. To avoid falling into this trap, make a rule to exercise or take a walk at least several times a week. Sleeping at least seven hours at night will also revive you.

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