A lot of people say that extra-curricular activities are great for your CV. It is certainly true but this is not the only reason why you should be involved in them during your university life.

Extra-curricular activities broaden your overall university life experience. They allow you to make new friends, develop new skills and try things that you haven’t tried before.

They can also help take stress away. No one tells you how stressful university life can actually be. With the job market becoming more and more challenging, a higher number of people holding degrees, and industries demanding a lot of experience for the most basic positions, the fear of failure is considerable.

There is also an issue of instant gratification. For generations, only a select few would be allowed to go to university. Nowadays, this opportunity is a lot more common. This generation of students have been brought up very differently to their grandparents. Some students simply are not willing to work long and hard in order to achieve something. Instead, they expect everything to happen a lot quicker than it can, and sometimes where they are undeserving. Once they enter university life and realise that you need to work at everything in order for something to happen, in addition the pressure of success – life can become very depressing.

Extra-curricular activities can take your mind off all of those issues, even for a little while. The new people you meet may be able to share your difficulties and challenges, which can also reduce stress. You will certainly enjoy university a lot more if you make friends, and keeping yourself busy will take your mind of unfinished assignments.

Try to enjoy university – you have your whole life to stress about work.

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