The Top Degrees to Pursue in 2019

It goes without saying that the best choice of a major is the one you are passionate about. But if you feel attracted to more than one option and have not yet made up your mind, these tips may come in handy.

Data Science

Big data and machine learning technologies will be increasingly adopted by businesses in the near future. Professionals in these areas are already scarce and badly wanted on some of the highest salaries in the IT field. So, if you are interested in computer technology – go in for data science!

Biomedical Engineering

One of the toughest subjects to study, but also one of the most rewarding engineering degrees. The ongoing advancements in healthcare technology, biomechanics and biomaterials provide a really bright outlook for jobs in this field.


If you can easily get on with anyone and like to help other people, nursing is a top choice for you. As the UK’s population will continue to age, the demand for qualified nurses will be rising, as well as their salaries. With a nursing degree, you will have one of the most secure jobs in today’s world.

What about Others?

But what about law, economics, and business degrees? What about hospitality and leisure? Arts and fashion?

Sure these kinds of jobs will still be here in the near future. But your success in these areas will depend less on the choice of a degree subject and more on university choice and networking skills. If you want to start making a good income shortly after graduation, take care to develop contacts within the industry while still at university.

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