Should I Do a Postgraduate Degree, or Find a Job? What Changes After Brexit?

Up to 2012, international students in the UK were allowed to stay for two years after completing their studies to try to find a job. However, this allowance is no longer in place.  

If you are of a foreign background, you may have to leave the country straight after graduation – unless you enrol onto a postgraduate degree.

EU students were free from worrying about visas prior to Brexit. But, starting with 2019-2020, general rules will apply to them too.

With the new regulations, completing a postgraduate degree seems to be the most feasible way to stay in the UK, if that’s what you want!

Postgraduate students have access to a broader range of scholarships. Some categories are even able to study for free. But you will need to double-check if certain options are still available after Brexit, as they mainly covered EU students.

You may start looking for a job while studying for your postgraduate degree. Working whilst completing your postgraduate should mean that your worth in the employment market increases, as you will have experience to support your qualification. Due to increased competition, Employers look more favourably at those who are in the process of obtaining a higher qualification than just an undergraduate.

According to many students who have done postgraduate, it is less stressful than undergraduate, as you are already used to British academic life. With fewer lectures to attend, you will have the much-needed flexibility to start exploring available vacancies in the job-world.

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