Pros and Cons of Distance Education

Many British universities offer distance education courses. You can complete them without leaving your home country and get the same degree as those coming to the UK to study. Doesn’t that sound great? But there also are some pitfalls.


  • Lower cost.

The UK is an expensive country. Staying at home, you will cut your living expenses greatly. The tuition fees in distance education courses are much lower as well.

  • Convenience.

Distance education courses are 100% online. You will be able to complete the assigned tasks at any convenient time. This flexibility is priceless when you have to balance studies with work and family commitments.

  • No visa worries.

In most distance courses, you will not have to visit the UK even to sit exams: they are also taken online.


  • Time management problems.

If you are not used to working independently, keeping up with the course work may be a challenge.

  • Missed networking opportunities.

Most distance learning courses will allow you to communicate with peers electronically. However, you will not be engaged in the social life of a British university. You will not meet face-to-face with industry professionals who may offer you a job.

Overall, distance learning does not feel like going to a ‘real’ university. If this is your first degree, you may want to think twice whether you are going to miss the excitement of ‘real’ student life and a chance to establish a network of useful contacts for your career.

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