How to Get Over Exam Anxiety: Quick Tips

Student life can stress you out at times, particularly when exams are nearing. Some new students get so scared of their first exams they can barely start preparing. If you are feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, here are few ideas to try to get over this fear.

Breathe deeply and slowly.

This may seem like simple advice, but it really can help! The science behind it, is that most people start to take short, superficial breaths when anxious, which reduces the supply of oxygen to the brain, agitating it even more. By breathing deeply, you take more oxygen in, relaxing your body and mind.

Focus on your immediate surroundings.

To get over obsessive thoughts, take a look around. What does the room look like? Is it cool or warm? How would you describe it to a stranger? Imagine that you are to write a diary entry about your situation: “I am sitting at a desk in our warm and cosy library. In front of me, I have the textbooks ready. Now I will open this green one and start reading the required chapter.” Describing surroundings, feelings, and actions to yourself as though talking to another person, you take a detached look at the situation, and anxiety subsides.

Imagine the worst possible scenario.

What happens if you fail the exam? Will you get expelled and banished from the country for good? Will all your family hate you? Take your fears to the point where they appear so ridiculous that you realise such things are never going to happen. In reality, you will probably just have to re-take the exam, at which point you will know exactly where you struggled, and can focus more of your attention on those areas.

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