The Top Degrees to Pursue in 2019

It goes without saying that the best choice of a major is the one you are passionate about. But if you feel attracted to more than one option and have not yet made up your mind, these tips may come in handy. Data Science Big data and machine learning technologies will be increasingly adopted by…

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Procrastination – the gift of time

Procrastination is never seen as something good – probably because the world belongs to the do-ers! – and because there is so much information and change happening now, that if you are not staying on top of it then it becomes very difficult to catch up afterwards. No one perceives that they have time anymore…

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Are you a freelancer or an entrepreneur?

If you are one or the other – then you need to know the difference, because the people who will read your CV certainly do. The easiest way to distinguish the two is probably to think long term. A freelancer is someone who always intends to work alone, part of the gig-economy, self-employed, who will…

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