A Campus Survival Guide for Introverts

Does the idea of sharing a house, or halls, with complete strangers terrify you? As a student, you have no way to escape that unless your family is wealthy enough to rent a whole house or apartment for you alone. But living with neighbours on campus does not have to be a nightmare, even if you identify as a 100% introvert. Here are few tips on how to put up with it:

Don’t pretend to be someone you are not

You may be tempted to show yourself as a more open and social type to make your neighbours like you. However, falsehood is visible and may ruin people’s impression of you. There is nothing wrong with being shy and quiet. You don’t need to be a chatterbox to be liked. Just be polite and respectful – that’s enough.

Stand your ground

As roommates, you will share chores, such as cleaning up or cooking. It is best to negotiate on your first day who will take charge of which job. If your housemates don’t start this talk, you may have to. Once an agreement is reached, stick to it by doing your part.

Seek help when you can’t cope

Most people will not do bad things to you on purpose. If your neighbour is listening to loud music when you need to rest, ask them politely to put headphones on. But when a neighbour keeps making your life miserable and ignores all of your requests, do not hesitate to turn to campus authorities for help.

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