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Why Making Time for Yourself Is a Must

With lots of assignments to complete, you may feel like you can’t have any rest until you finish them all. You may even want to stay up all night to finish a paper. However, doing that may actually be harmful to your grades! When you spend too much time working on the same task, your…

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A Campus Survival Guide for Introverts

Does the idea of sharing a house, or halls, with complete strangers terrify you? As a student, you have no way to escape that unless your family is wealthy enough to rent a whole house or apartment for you alone. But living with neighbours on campus does not have to be a nightmare, even if…

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How to Get Over Exam Anxiety: Quick Tips

Student life can stress you out at times, particularly when exams are nearing. Some new students get so scared of their first exams they can barely start preparing. If you are feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, here are few ideas to try to get over this fear. Breathe deeply and slowly. This may seem like simple…

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